Medical Bracelets

TMarra Designs Medical Identification Bracelet line is a great way to wear a beautiful medical Bracelet. These bracelets are wonderful for children, teenagers, and ladies. There are designs for men also. They donít like to wear the institutional looking medical bracelets either! The Medical bracelets are great for everyone that has a medical condition and needs to wear this life saving and important bracelet, without telling the world of your illness. Every bracelet is designed with care and compassion!

Each bracelet is custom designed especially for you. You may choose from the design colors shown or choose from the variety of Swarovski Crystal colors. The bracelets within the collections are only a small range of possibilities for you to choose from. Any of the bracelets in the website can be designed into a Medical Id bracelet. If you wish a different design, please call for pricing.

The medical alert plate is stainless steel and is custom ordered especially for you. There are many items to discuss when ordering this bracelet. The bracelets are interchangeable with one nameplate so you have many options.

Medical ID Bracelets...
Just got a lot more fashionable!

*Note: Medical ID bracelets usually take 3-4 weeks to ship.

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